I am a proud Idahoan who grew up fishing and camping in our beautiful Gem State, and now I am lucky enough to raise my own family here. 

From the majestic mountain peaks to the warm-hearted people, Idaho truly is a special place. ​We are surrounded by the ultimate playground for our little ones, ​where they can be adventurous, use their imaginations and become courageous as they explore all that Idaho has to offer.

​Because of this belief, I created TatorJo, to instill a love for Idaho, ​and the great outdoors​. Inspiring our kids to pave the way for a better tomorrow.

TatorJo is inspired by my grandma, Jo, and my courageous sister, Kristi Jo. Kristi was brave, always made her own path, accepted others fiercely and never gave up. Together, we soaked up all that the outdoors has to offer-spending our summers exploring nature and our winters building ice caves and snowmen. Our experiences together ignited a passion within me for the outdoors.

Whether your little ones are born and raised Idahoans or honorary locals at heart, my dream for this company is to inspire adventure clothing that sparks excitement and courage to explore this wonderful state much like I did growing up. 

My hope is for you to enjoy the designs as much as I do. I have a great passion for this to be fun and exciting for not only your little ones but for you too. Who knows, this gear might bring back the trailblazer in you as well. :)

Welcome to TatorJo!

With love,