Take along some some TatorJo clothing for an adventure at Discovery Park in Meridian, Idaho.

A Fun Day at Discovery Park in Meridian

Discover the Ultimate Family Fun Day at Discovery Park in Meridian!

Hey there, thrill-seeking families! Get ready to embark on an unforgettable day at Discovery Park, a sprawling 64-acre wonderland nestled in the heart of South Meridian. Trust me, from the littlest tots to the teenagers, there's something here to ignite everyone's sense of fun and play. I’ve fallen head over heels for Discovery Park, and I’m certain you will too!

About Discovery Park

You'll find Discovery Park at 2121 E. Lake Hazel Road in South Meridian. Remember to throw in a few jackets and cozy TatorJo beanies for those breezy spring days. And of course, pack up your bikes, scooters, sandcastle-building tools, and a variety of balls – tennis, bocce, football, basketball – you name it! This park is your canvas for a day filled with your favorite activities, so come prepared to make memories.

As you roll into the park, you'll catch sight of the playground area. But wait, there's more! Venture further towards the back, and you'll stumble upon the real gem: the bike and skate park. Whether your little one is a budding BMX star or simply loves to pedal around, they're in for a treat with twists, turns, and jumps. Plus, the bike park caters to all skill levels, so everyone can join in on the wheeled excitement!

But hold onto your helmets, because Discovery Park has even more in store for you and your family. After the bike park, make your way back to the playground area. It has a new 40-Yard Dash challenge, dual zip lines, a playground, a water and sand play area, roller slides, a climbing wall, and much more. There's endless entertainment for kids of all ages. 

Take the Essentials

Now, before you set off on your epic day of fun, don't forget the essentials! Load up on sunscreen, water bottles, lunch, and lots of snacks! Believe me, you’ll want to make a day of it, pack a lawn chair and blanket to rest on while the kids play. Unless you're in the toddler age like me, you will be busy, take those running shoes! :) Also, here's a pro tip: slip on a ski mask, also known as a turtle ski mask, under those bike helmets for extra warmth and coziness as your kids zip around.

So, round up the troops and get ready for a day packed with laughter, excitement, and memories. Whether you're tearing down bike trails or sculpting sandcastles under the sun, this family-friendly paradise is bursting with endless possibilities for adventure.

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